Something that made me smile :)

My son is at nursery today so my usual radio on and housework has started.
My daughter turned 12 weeks yesterday and has been ill all weekend, was expecting a rough day!  But when I started singing along to the radio……she joined in…..bgt here we come 🙂 there truly is nothing more wonderful than your own children


Sarah xx


Im very sorry I didnt get round to posting the tutorial,  I promise it is en route. 
You will slowly learn whilst reading the blog that my kids have a wierd sense of humour…..when one starts to get better the other develops an illness.
I have spent the weekend with a feverish baby 😦
You will also learn that one of my kids is always ill….usually my toddler. I swear by the time he goes to school I will be a fully qualified nurse.
He always goes for the elaborate illnesses too….no colds but scarlet fever , rotavirus, gastroenteritis,  strep throat, slapped cheek syndrome…my daughter has had viral pneumonia,  bronchiolitis,  group b strep to name but a few…..on top of that I have developed an autoimmune problem still waiting to be diagnosed.
So, to cut a long story short if I dont post for a few days it can be almost guaranteed someone is ill.
Touch wood everyone has perked up again so I will be able to get on with some bits now….. (she says) got some lovely ideas such as coloured votive candles (beautiful and very budget friendly), flower tutorials,  kissing balls, garters,  and the list goes on.
Chow for now

Sarah xx

Butterflies. …

Yet another brainwave that has come to me during a night feed,  I swear if she keeps waking up during the night much longer I shall have more ideas than albert Einstein.

I have thought of a lovely butterfly sewing pattern. …which is entirely brand new (im clever I know 🙂 )
I am trial running it this morning and will prepare the Tutorial when my 18 month old son josh goes down for his nap.
Toddler + sewing stash and crafting = a living room covered in my stuff…..tried and tested. He loves to help me with everything god love him……

Ta ta for now I shall be back soon 🙂

Chocolate brownie cupcakes

Whilst I am getting together resources for my first tutorial thought I would share something scummy 🙂


So easy to make and very tasty.
I have kind of a throw it in and see attitude but will share the recipe as best I can.

165g s/r flour
25g cocoa powder
50g brown & 50g caster sugar(you can use 100g of either)
50g choc chips
275g good chocolate (I used leftovers out of my guillian box…..lush)
175g butter unsalted. I used slightly less but im not a butter fan!
3 eggs
A small amount of coffee granules (you cant taste coffee just makes chocolate flavour stronger)

Basically I melted the choc and butter.
While waiting for that, I lightly beat the eggs and added everything else in another bowl.
Add the eggs
Add the melted choc mix
Stir,  put in a cake cases and baked at 180 til there was a little bit of mixture on a skewer when I checked it.


Eat with cup of tea 🙂
Im not great at explaining recipes as I do it my own way, but the end result is tasty so who cares 🙂

(I know I did)
Sarah x

To infinity and beyond

Goooood morning campers.
After a night on the couch with my baby girl (shes a noisy sleeper and my partner needed some sleep, and when I say noisy I mean she sounds like darth vader with sinus problems) I actually feel a little better.  Praise the lord for prescription medication!
Whilst feeding my babba this morning I had an epiphany (all good ideas come at three in the morning naturally! ) .
I have decided if you want something enough, with the right guidance and determination you can make it happen. ..I was inspired by my daughter trying to sit up on her own (odd link I know but her sheer determination made me think) .
So I am pleased to say I have this morning begun to pursue my idea of writing a book….thats right my ramblings in a hardback cover ( worrying right 🙂 )
I love the cath kidston and tone finnager books and would love to write something with the same tone and friendliness that encourages people to craft.

Any thoughts or experiences of this would be greatly appreciated.

Update at 17:09 – I have already drafted a quick proposal and sent it out to literary agents. Have already had a response saying the idea has legs… to write some sample chapters 🙂


I dont like Mondays. ……

Not a wedding related post but after a day of feeling lousy I thought I would share.
I recently took very ill and after days in hospital not being able to walk and generally feeling very unwell, I was diagnosed as suffering from an autoimmune disease. The drs are still figuring out which one it is but they suspect either gillian barre syndrome or lupus.  Id just like to use this post as a bit of support for anyone out there who suffers from anything similar. 
I understand how tough it Is trying to live a normal life and not knowing what tomorrow will bring.
But I would also like to say if you think you may have something of this nature don’t let doctors palm you off with excuses and tell you there is nothing wrong. Usually your gut instinct is right.  If I had listened to the drs in the hospital I wouldnt have discharged myself and gone to my doctor the next day and got the diagnosis I needed and some medication to ease the symptoms.
Also, if you have recently had a baby and begin to feel off ensure you get a second opinion, as I found out that having a baby can in fact cause the bodys immune system to break down and start attacking the body, leading to an autoimmune condition. 
I personally dont think there is enough awareness for things like this.

On a slightly brighter note, if I have perked up tomorrow I shall be organising my first tutorial 🙂

Night all
Thanks for reading my nonsense for another day 🙂


Flower girls…….

I know I said its a day of rest but thought id share an idea with all you lovely folk.

My flower girls are going to be my baby girl and the best mans two daughters…my daughter Lucy-mai will be about 18 months and the best mans two daughters will be four and two.
For presents for the flower girls ive had a lovely idea which is going to cost me the price of three small wooden hearts.
Im going to sew each flower girl a tilda doll that looks like them with a ribbon round their neck holding a heart with their name on.
What little girl wouldn’t love this.

If a doll isnt to their taste tilda have some lovely rabbit, lamb and othee animal patterns. No great sewing skills needed, just patterns which I have.

How wonderfully unique and shabby chic 🙂

The day of rest

Morning all.

Just a quick pop in to let you all know I am taking today as a day of rest…..well of sorts.  Ill be mainly sorting my house and playing peekaboo 🙂 not with myself (just to clear that up), im not quite that crackers yet.
This week I will be posting up tutorials for fabric flowers mainly.
My reasoning behind this is simple.  As beautiful as real flowers are, I think the expense can be kept to a minimum in this area but still have a great impact on table decor. Also the poor flowers are usually trashed after the wedding,  its literally money down the drain.  Fabric flowers can be reused, last forever, make lovely headbands or additions to clothes etc and…With the help of essential oils could still give the beautiful scent of fresh flowers.  Ingenious right? 🙂
Making flowers is actually very fub, very cheap and you get to be smug when you tell people you made them.
You will not need professional level sewing skills either this is a simple few stitches and voila. …..pretty flowers for your table decor.
I will be practising in different colours however my theme is purple white and silver.

I think thats about it for now….my housework beckons. No doubt I shall think of something else soon 🙂

Sarah xx

The life I lead. ……

Well its saturday night and im hot to trot……..upstairs for a bath a glass of wine and probably some knitting. … very rock and roll.
Not wedding related I know.  I thought I would introduce you all a little into my world 🙂 on the up my 18month old is finally over his food poisoning and my baby girl feels better today.


….I may even get a little sleep later.

Ive never been so excited, well except for when I spotted my wedding dresses for cheap 🙂

Enjoy your evening all.

Sarah x

Cheap table decor ideas

Now, as mentioned earlier I am in the middler of two sick small people as well as everything else I have going on,  so I havent managed to do my own tutorials yet…..however I have found some lovely budget but very pretty and effective centre piece and table decor ideas.
Follow the links they are well worth a look



Please tell me if ive gone wedding crazy and lotst

some iq ,but I love how simple and elegant these pieces are. They would make lovely table decor.


Let me know your thoughts.

Sarah x

Update. ………

Ive posted the actual pictures as the links seem a bit naff…..