The day of rest

Morning all.

Just a quick pop in to let you all know I am taking today as a day of rest…..well of sorts.  Ill be mainly sorting my house and playing peekaboo 🙂 not with myself (just to clear that up), im not quite that crackers yet.
This week I will be posting up tutorials for fabric flowers mainly.
My reasoning behind this is simple.  As beautiful as real flowers are, I think the expense can be kept to a minimum in this area but still have a great impact on table decor. Also the poor flowers are usually trashed after the wedding,  its literally money down the drain.  Fabric flowers can be reused, last forever, make lovely headbands or additions to clothes etc and…With the help of essential oils could still give the beautiful scent of fresh flowers.  Ingenious right? 🙂
Making flowers is actually very fub, very cheap and you get to be smug when you tell people you made them.
You will not need professional level sewing skills either this is a simple few stitches and voila. …..pretty flowers for your table decor.
I will be practising in different colours however my theme is purple white and silver.

I think thats about it for now….my housework beckons. No doubt I shall think of something else soon 🙂

Sarah xx


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