I dont like Mondays. ……

Not a wedding related post but after a day of feeling lousy I thought I would share.
I recently took very ill and after days in hospital not being able to walk and generally feeling very unwell, I was diagnosed as suffering from an autoimmune disease. The drs are still figuring out which one it is but they suspect either gillian barre syndrome or lupus.  Id just like to use this post as a bit of support for anyone out there who suffers from anything similar. 
I understand how tough it Is trying to live a normal life and not knowing what tomorrow will bring.
But I would also like to say if you think you may have something of this nature don’t let doctors palm you off with excuses and tell you there is nothing wrong. Usually your gut instinct is right.  If I had listened to the drs in the hospital I wouldnt have discharged myself and gone to my doctor the next day and got the diagnosis I needed and some medication to ease the symptoms.
Also, if you have recently had a baby and begin to feel off ensure you get a second opinion, as I found out that having a baby can in fact cause the bodys immune system to break down and start attacking the body, leading to an autoimmune condition. 
I personally dont think there is enough awareness for things like this.

On a slightly brighter note, if I have perked up tomorrow I shall be organising my first tutorial 🙂

Night all
Thanks for reading my nonsense for another day 🙂



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