Chocolate brownie cupcakes

Whilst I am getting together resources for my first tutorial thought I would share something scummy 🙂


So easy to make and very tasty.
I have kind of a throw it in and see attitude but will share the recipe as best I can.

165g s/r flour
25g cocoa powder
50g brown & 50g caster sugar(you can use 100g of either)
50g choc chips
275g good chocolate (I used leftovers out of my guillian box…..lush)
175g butter unsalted. I used slightly less but im not a butter fan!
3 eggs
A small amount of coffee granules (you cant taste coffee just makes chocolate flavour stronger)

Basically I melted the choc and butter.
While waiting for that, I lightly beat the eggs and added everything else in another bowl.
Add the eggs
Add the melted choc mix
Stir,  put in a cake cases and baked at 180 til there was a little bit of mixture on a skewer when I checked it.


Eat with cup of tea 🙂
Im not great at explaining recipes as I do it my own way, but the end result is tasty so who cares 🙂

(I know I did)
Sarah x


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