Im very sorry I didnt get round to posting the tutorial,  I promise it is en route. 
You will slowly learn whilst reading the blog that my kids have a wierd sense of humour…..when one starts to get better the other develops an illness.
I have spent the weekend with a feverish baby 😦
You will also learn that one of my kids is always ill….usually my toddler. I swear by the time he goes to school I will be a fully qualified nurse.
He always goes for the elaborate illnesses too….no colds but scarlet fever , rotavirus, gastroenteritis,  strep throat, slapped cheek syndrome…my daughter has had viral pneumonia,  bronchiolitis,  group b strep to name but a few…..on top of that I have developed an autoimmune problem still waiting to be diagnosed.
So, to cut a long story short if I dont post for a few days it can be almost guaranteed someone is ill.
Touch wood everyone has perked up again so I will be able to get on with some bits now….. (she says) got some lovely ideas such as coloured votive candles (beautiful and very budget friendly), flower tutorials,  kissing balls, garters,  and the list goes on.
Chow for now

Sarah xx


One thought on “Apologies

  1. I completely understand what you mean about the random illnesses. My children have very thin charts but when they are sick it is something like Strep that presents as scalding on the hands and feet. Hope everyone is healthy now.

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