A bit about me

Well I apologise in advance, im not great at talking about myself. I just thought it may be nice if you all could put a face to the ramblings 🙂

My name is Sarah, im 25 years young. I have a ten week old baby girl and an 18 month old son (yes its a small agegap…..there was nothing good on t.v 🙂 ) . I also do a little charity work, run a small business from home (when im not too busy being pregnant) and last but not least I have a beautiful fiancee.
This blog is my journey on planning a cost effective (budget!) But beautiful wedding next year, and in turn proving you dont need a second mortgage to marry. Just a little bit saved, a whole lotta love, and a fair bit of patience.

I will admit I am an avid crafter. …cut my arm and buttons fall out. However I will try and find ideas for all skills and expertise.

Hope you will all join me on my crusade…..this is my real life wedding That I am planning.

Well thats it, sorry for the rant…I get like that sometimes, I blame it on lack of sleep.

Peace out



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